Irrigation for the park

Our irrigation facilities in the park facilitate the establishment, increase the quality of green areas and make management more efficient. In the case of problems with algae and undesirable vegetation in ponds, we offer different types of treatment plants that provide clear water and ensure good water quality.

we use the following irrigation types, drip irrigation in planting surfaces around trees, in some cases in lawn, sprinkler irrigation in lawn planting surfaces.


Droppbevattning i rabatt

Drop irrigation in flowerbed


Drip irrigation

The drip hose is placed above ground or buried. Since the water is supplied at the plant's root system, no unnecessary surface is watered, no evaporation or wind drift occurs. Vandal-proof and invisible when mounted under ground.


Drip irrigation have many advantages

Irrigation Technique -

Because each individual droplet provides equal amounts of water, the plant can be supplied with both water and nutrients in exact quantities. A favorable balance between air and water in the root zone because the entire soil profile is not watered.


Gentle Irrigation -

When no irrigation occurs on the foliage, the risk of fungal attack decreases.


Water saving irrigation -

Drip irrigation means that water is saved by the evaporation being minimal, lack of wind drift and no unnecessary irrigation occurs on surfaces between trees and flat rows.


Energy save irrigation -

The low irrigation intensity and the low working pressure mean that only small energy-saving pumps are needed. With automation, the whole day can be used while saving work.


Drip hose drip outlet

The distance between the drop site is adapted to the cultivation, such as the size of the root system, the soil type and the planting distance.


Drip hose -

Toro pressure regulated drip hose has labyrinth drip sites with membranes, which give the same amount of water at different pressures. Pressure-regulated drip hose is mainly used when one wants to have an even irrigation along the entire hose the entire distance, fits even when there is large level differences are found in the area where the hose is to be installed. In addition, this type of hose enables installation in longer lengths from the same connection point.

The drip hose has a recommended working pressure = 1 - 3.5 bar.


Pressure control valve -

At higher water pressure, pressure control device is needed.


Water filtration -

All drip irrigation requires filtered water. Filtration degree 0.1 mm is recommended.


Backflow protection-

All drip irrigation needs reflow protection at least BA class 4, this to protect our drinking water. In fertilizer injector in the system, BA class 5 must be used. Class 5 means that water supplies must exist.


Toro drip hose - Toro market leader in irrigation.

Irrigation Products for Parker


Aquagate has chosen the best products from the world's leading producer in the irrigation area. In combination with our knowledge and long experience, we can offer you an irrigation system adapted to your needs, with a function guarantee