Water for comfortable environments

With a fountain facility you can create a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Fountains gilding environments at shopping malls, parks, churches and squares. They create added value for the visitors and serve as a natural link to the site's history.

We develop tailor-made solutions for new construction or renovation of older fountains. According to your wishes, we build the entire function together with pumps, purification and nozzles. If you want to add light or sound we arrange it. Computer technology, integrated LED light and professional sound system provide unlimited possibilities, where only your imagination sets the limits.


Water for pleasant environments - Dust plant

We also offer effective solutions to problems with overgrown ponds. Our purification systems make the water clean and clear through increased water circulation and oxygenation. The pond regains its natural function and becomes a beautiful feature in the park or on the golf course.


We have fountain equipment for all customers.

For more fountain products visit www.nordicfountains.com Fountain parts in stainless steel Ansi 304 as standard, all parts can be manufactured in Ansi 316.


Fountain / pool lighting with the market's longest operating times up to 100,000 hours.


fontän renoverad AquaGate har kunskapenTorgyta med fontän AquaGate har lösningen