Mirror ponds for more beautiful environments

Dams in parks and on golf courses are not always as beautiful as planned. The fact that dams grow again can be due to faulty construction or that they have not received sufficient water depth - but often algae and undesirable vegetation depend on poor or non-existent water circulation and oxygenation.


Aerator and fountain facilities

Our floating aerators and fountain systems solve many of the problems. The water becomes clear and regains good water quality. The plants have reliable motors 220/380 volts in sizes between 0.5 hp and 40 hp. You can choose from 35 different nozzles, complete with automatic cabinets and lighting in different designs and sizes. In shallow water, our horizontally mounted plants, which only require 0.6 meters of water, are suitable. Vertical plants need at least 1.0 to 1.5 meters of water depth.


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