Irrigation for Golf Courses

To maintain golf courses green requires intensive care. Our irrigation systems simplify work and ensure quality over time. The Green Keeper gets full control of the rainfall and the club can enjoy extended seasons with more game days. To maintain a good water quality in ponds, we also offer efficient solutions for water treatment.


Our brand for irrigation of golf courses is TORO's market-leading irrigation system.

Toro offers a complete range of professional products that together provide you with optimal water management solutions for all your irrigation needs.

That's why Toro wants to develop advanced and improved products that water more accurately, more efficiently, more reliably and more cost-effectively as used by many of the world's top golf courses.

We want to help you make all your irrigation projects as successful as possible.



Bevattning på Golfbana med Toro bevattning

Irrigation on Golf course with Toro irrigation


Toro Vattenspridare DT35, DT55 Bevattningserbjudande Toro Irrigation Sprinkler
Toro Lynx Kontrollsystem för golfbanor

Toro Irrigation Control System
Toro Turf-Guard-Sensors

Toro Irrigation Turf Guard



Irrigation products for the golf course

Aquagate has chosen the best products from the world's leading producer in the irrigation area. In combination with our knowledge and long experience, we can offer you an irrigation system adapted to your needs, with a function guarantee



Toro bevattning för golfbanor